coaching_accueil_page_smallCoaching is not therapy, nor a transfer of expertise but an accompaniment of an individual or a team towards a goal they have set. This term and this business, currently very fashionable, are sometimes overused and/or discredited.

However, it is more than just a fad. More and more individuals and companies have realised the impact and importance of coaching.

Coaching approaches much more about how to convey something as well as the information transmitted itself. It is about learning to learn rather than simply transmitting outside expertise. The objective is to improve performance, whether for private or business, individuals or teams, physical, mental or emotional, by releasing their potential and bringing them to an optimal level of performance.

It’s true to say that coaching is an art, a state of the mind. But an artist cannot perform masterpieces after learning simply the basic fundamental techniques. Coaching therefore requires a recognised, formal training and lifelong learning.