iStock_000004426908XSmallThe benefits of a healthy and balanced diet are well known for good health. But do you know that good nutrition reflexes also help improve work performance?

Vélital Consult offers personalised interventions in the form of trainings, workshops, conferences or individual coachings, ranging from 60 minutes to full day or more, depending on your objectives, target audience, your availability and the time you have.

Some key figures:

  • In Canada, the profitability of programmes promoting health at work is estimated to be worth between 1.5 to 5.75 dollars for each dollar invested.
  • Nearly half of the world’s population has a deficiency in iron. An iron deficiency leads to weakness, exhaustion and lack of coordination. It accounts for a reduction in performance of up to 30%
  • A blood sugar level that is too low (hypoglycaemia) reduces the time for concentration and learning and reduces the speed at which information is processed. It happens when a meal is skipped, which can often happen
  • A dehydration of 1% reduces physical and intellectual performance by 10%, a dehydration of 2% causes a 20% reduction in performance, and so on… It is only between 1 and 2% dehydration that thirst occurs – by which time it is too late
  • Eating incorrectly may reduce productivity by up to 20%
  • More than one billion people in the world are obese. In the industrialised countries, obesity accounts for up to 7% of health costs.In the USA, the cost of obesity in terms of insurance, absenteeism and other expenses is estimated at 12,7 billions of dollars.


Several studies clearly show the evidence:

  • The link between a healthy diet and increased productivity
  • A poor diet causes absenteeism, health problems, loss of morale and a higher number of work accidents.

Whether to improve the work performance, health and well-being of your employees, reduce the incidence of depression or absenteeism, better manage stress, help your employees better manage their meals as part of their work day and night, or to encourage them to prepare for a sporting event … Vélital Consult can provide you with a customised quote for your needs.